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Engaged practice with Your Voice Recovery participants in a three month residency, applying the theory on walking not as a way to commute but as a way to connect. While engaging in the walking practice, walking as performance, we are creating memory maps, using our muscle memory to guide us to the paths which we once took, the stories told in the paths, the memories. During nature walks, hill walks, we are filming the process, what do our feet see? If I tape my phone on my shoe can I see something different? Can my body be a tripod? What does my back see when I'm not looking? Using a fishing rode, we started fishing for sound and talking to the Clyde fishing hobbyist. These different perspectives are bringing us closer, closer to ourselves and closer to the truth which are within us, making it easier to understand that, there’s more than one side to the story.


Film screening 30.09.22 BEACON, Greenock

Part of Inverclyde Culture Collective Residency
with Your Voice Recovery 
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