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Trái tim của anh trai tôi 

Residency with MoT+++ 2022

One day, my brother’s heart stopped beating, we didn’t know why, his body was still functioning but the passion of his heart stopped.

His blood was still in his body but the flow was frozen, just like rocks and fossils which were once living, the river inside his skin was dry. 

Somehow the oxygène was passed inside the body like the wind blowing in an empty tunnel. The cavities were left empty from a lack of passion. 


He decided to do something about it, woke up one morning and left. We didn’t know where he went but we knew this was what would save him.



A surrealist journey inside of my brother’s veins and cavities depicted by the environment surrounding him in Vietnam, his new home of 7 years. Using a medical language we survey his inner system in order to get to his heart to understand what made him fall in love with this place. 

When he translated this sentence to me in Vietnamese I found it uncanny the fact that “tôi” meant me, as “toi” means you in French. What a coincidence that the country which adopted my brother is so close to him as a person, as I hardly know anyone else who puts others before himself without asking anything in return.

End of residency presentation at MoT+++,

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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