Elina Bry,  considers herself as a French/Finnish, both equally.

In 2018 she gained her MFA at Glasgow School of Art. 

As a multidisciplinary and collaborator she moves in between writing, performance, video, photography, drawing and etching; often combined, communicating to each other.

Communication in between mediums is an essential part of my practice as each medium has its own strength in the development of my work. I am currently exploring the weaknesses of the body as a medium, considering the inner as a tool. By that, I explore the unexpected, what is already there, model it and work in collaboration with the instability of my body. It is essential that I don’t cause any harm as I want to challenge my body with the everyday, the known, in order to give a stage and witness what is already there. I use my voice to portrait the inner of my body, twisting the tubes to found the different tones. Far from being pleasant, I engage with the uncanniness we all have. I see language and translation as a medium, not only spoken or written but translation in cultural behaviors. The ones we are taught from an early age and don’t realize they are part of us until we encounter an unexpected manner. I play around with the cultural differences I observe and found inspiration with my interlocutor.

Autobiography becomes my methodology but I am attentive for it not to become the subject of my work. It combines different tools and methods, such as performance, storytelling, stage making and my body. These are all the methods which are combined in order to create my methodology, my tool box, my practice. Playing with the undefined borders in between my work and my personal life, I put myself at risk; but why shouldn’t I.


                                                  * COMING UP 2020 *

 Residency Postponed Ho Chi Minh, "Trái tim của anh trai tôi; My Brother's Heart", Vietnam

2020   The Opera of the Body with Mark Vernon, Celine Gallery, Glasgow

2019    SourSop, Performance Evening, EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh 

2019    Hells Belles, Barão de São João, Portugal

2019    EXHALE/Berlin Art Week Decompression,  ZÖNOTÉKA, Berlin,                              Germany

2019    Bankito Fesztival, Feeling Myself - Lakeside Clinic, Nograd, Hungary 

2019    GLA/NYC Love Hangover, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow 

2019    Bless Your Heart, EMBASSY, Edinburgh

2019    Solo Show - If E was V: A Night into a Parallel Universe, Arkadia OY,

             Helsinki, Finland

2019    Dare you do this ? FFFF it! Taiwan Gangshan Dist Contemporary Art                      Warehouse International Exchange Program, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

             Glide&Slide2, Performance Event, Keir Street, Glasgow 

2018    House Guests, Hampton Court Guest House, Glasgow

2018    Launch of Wet Courage, by E.C.C.O, Pipe Factory, Glasgow

2018    Glide&Slide, Performance Event, Keir Street, Glasgow

2018    Down Material Mouth, AMIF, Tramway, Glasgow

2018    Morbus, Tontine Building, Glasgow

2018    Cabbage, Junkspace: Tap for Sound -Audio and visual screening,

2018    Glasgow

2018    International Bike Polo Championship: Hell's Belles Vol.8, Victoria

2018    Park,Glasgow

2018    Speculation on Marsh Lands, The Carnival Centre, Glasgow

2018    SIMPLY BEAMING, Hope, Engaru, Hokkaido, Japan

             Screening for Maruseppu Art Residency , Maruseppu, Hokkaido,

2018    Japan

2018    MFA Degree Show, Glue Factory, Glasgow

2018    MFA at CitizenM, Glasgow

2018    Esther Ferrer : "I’m Going To Tell You About My Life", Pearce

2018    Institue, GI Festival, Glasgow

2018    Flat Cam, GY Festival, Glasgow

2018    Skip Ad-Play, Savoy Center, GY Festival, Glasgow

2017    Girls in Print: Female Figures in British Comics, Dundee, Scotland

2017    MFA Interim Show, Reid Gallery, Glasgow

2017    Lights Out, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland

2015    The BIG Big Show, Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts du Mans, France

2015    Premier Plan, Angers, France

2015    Les Photographiques, Le Mans, France

2014    La Quinzaine Radieuse #6, Piacé-Le-Radieux, France

2014    DMC & Friends at the Dourven,Gallerie du Dourven, France

2014    At Home,  Projet D’exposition en Appartement, Le Mans, France


2019    POST-POST AVANT-POSTE, Published by David Michael Clark 

2018    Cabbitches, Published by JJ Tipton

2018    Morbus., Published by Christiana Myers

2018    If E was V, Graphic Novel, Les Editions Du Soleil D’Hiver

2017    Growing Up: That Girl Comic, Team Girl Comic, Women Comic Collective

2015    SCREENPLAY / SCÉNARIO, The Good Reader, Ma Bibliothèque


2020   Invited Lecturer, Comic Book, Elective Glasgow School Of Art, Scotland

2019    “Je n’ai pas de limite”, Les Beaux Arts du Mans, France

2018    "JE, n'est pas le Sujet mais le Verbe", Les Beaux Art du Mans, France

2017    Panel Event : Women in Comics, Dundee, Scotland

2017    Home, Comic Event, Goethe-Institut, Glasgow, Scotland



 2020  Postponed: Ho Chi Minh, "Trái tim của anh trai tôi; My Brother's                           Heart", Vietnam

2014    Osthang Project, Living Together, Collectif Etc, Darmstadt, Germany


2016-2018     MFA, Master of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

2012-2015     Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, DNAP, Ecole des Beaux Art du Mans, France

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